MCE’s Profile

Hon. Geoffrey K. Badasu was confirmed as the Municipal Chief Executive of the Kpando Municipal Assembly at a Special General Assembly Meeting held on 17th September, 2021 when he polled 71.4% of votes cast. He was handed over the button for the position on 20th September, 2021 by the Municipal Coordinating Director, who was acting until his confirmation.

Hon. Geoffrey K. Badasu Vision for the MUNICIPALITY
Hon. Geoffrey K. Badasu is a man of Vision and a father for all. He aspires to see Kpando becoming a leading Agricultural Zone and Business Centre in the Volta Region. His main area of focus for the Kpando Municipality is in the area of sanitation, health, road infrastructure, education, skills development, tourism development, agriculture modernization, linking agriculture to industry as well as safeguarding on the culture of maintenance. He also seeks to promote the competitiveness of the private sector. As the MUSEC Chair, Hon. Geoffrey aims to foster peace and unity among the people of the Municipality.
As a father for all, Hon. Geoffrey’s doors are always open for all.